Do you REALLY love your ride? You gotta protect it. We have you covered!

Paint Protection

The ultimate way to protect your paint from heavy damage, rocks, branches, and door dings. This 8 mil thick urethane barrier will protect your investment for its lifetime.

Window Tint

Our premium window tint is expertly installed by our highly skilled technicians to provide you superior UV protection along with 88% IR heat rejection.

Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete provides sleek customization for any vehicle. Our technicians expertly eliminate all chrome on the vehicle resulting in a sleek, stealthy look. This is one of many customization services we provide.

Custom Upholstery

Ready for an interior makeover that will set you apart from the rest? Austin Auto Finishes provides custom upholstery services to bring your ride to the next level. Restoration or customization, we’ve got you covered.

Vehicle Fitment

Fitment can mean a variety of things, but when it comes to customization and building a car of your dreams, we can help make it happen! So whether it’s stance or aero, wheels or lowering springs, there are several fitment options to choose from!


Ready to up your game? Our performance experts will work with you to maximize the performance output, rideability and enjoyment of your vehicle. Austin Auto Finishes partners with the leading aftermarket suppliers to offer limitless ways to customize your vehicle.

Color Change Wraps

Austin Auto Finishes takes customization to another level with our custom tailored full vehicle wraps. We offer what you are looking for, from color changing wraps to UT burnt orange. This is an awesome way to create a fresh look for your older vehicle or make a new vehicle truly unique.

Feynlab Ceramic Coatings

We proudly lead the industry in our coating options and application. Austin Auto Finishes was the first to provide this service to our customers allowing their vehicles to be protected and have an easy to maintain sleek permanent wax appearance.

Powder Coating

Offering the highest quality protection and customization options for your rims. From powder coating to repair, we have you covered.

Rim Repair

Austin Auto Finishes now brings you a solution to rim rash, road nicks, curb checks or any other accidental damage you have with rims and tires. Our technicians will remove and eliminate these unsightly blemishes. Don’t let your vehicle roll around with scuffed, marred rims and tires.


Detailing is what we do best. We specialize in the high end to the seemingly hopeless. Austin Auto Finishes proudly restores your vehicle’s interior and exterior as close to new as possible.

Paint Refinement

Scratches, dings, swirls and imperfections in your paint will disappear like magic after correction. We use the best products, tools and people to restore your vehicles paint to like new condition.