Ultimate Tesla Model Y Protection & Personalization Package

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Paint Protection & Personalization

The future is now, we live in a world full of innovation and change. Tesla is an American Automotive Manufacturer that has been pushing the electric vehicle (EV) limits since 2003, so naturally, when a customer approaches our shop with the goal of building a crazy one-of-a-kind Model Y, we become overjoyed with all of the possibilities.

Tesla Model Y Protection

First, this ‘21 Black Tesla Model Y needed to receive a few paint repairs that were caused by transport. Weeks of curing allowed the solvents to properly without gas, but here at Austin Detailing that was not enough. The car then received a complete two-step correction: compound and polishing commonly referred to as “buffing.” Lastly, we put the vehicle underneath our Short Wave IR Cure Lamps to finalize the curing to truly lock in that perfect finish.

Premium Shield Elite Self Healing Paint Protection Film (PPF)

The owner of this Model Y has a unique responsibility, you may see his Model Y at the local Gigafactory here in Austin, Texas. Nine times out of ten this Model Y will be covered head to toe with red Texas Clay. Thus, the customer opted for Full Car Clear Premium Shield Elite Self Healing Paint Protection Film (PPF) to protect his Tesla from scratches, rock chips, and common door dings.

Premium Shield’s Elite Self Healing Film comes in at 7.6mils thick backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Please note that the Lifetime Warranty does not protect against “unstoppable” damage or misuse. This Tesla protection didn’t stop there. This customer also chose to have Red AlloyGator Wheel Protectors installed to protect against scuffs and scratches on the wheel faces.

Feynlab Nano Technology Ceramic Coatings

Now that the car has received the Ultimate Tesla Model Y Protection, how easy will the car be to clean? Very easy! This Model Y is covered in Feynlab Nano Technology Ceramic Coatings. The car is fully covered in Premium Shield PPF so you may ask, “why is there a need to ceramic coat the car?” The answer is a simple one, ease of maintenance and to lock-in that beautiful shine. The Model Y received Feynlab PPF/ Vinyl Ceramic Coating, Feynlab Ultra (5yr) inside the door jambs, Feynlab Glass Coating for the covalent (chemical) bonded water behavior, and Feynlab Wheel and Caliper Ceramic Coating to shed brake dust.

Madico Black Pearl Nano Ceramic Window Tint

The customer also decided to add Madico Black Pearl Nano Ceramic Window Tint to keep the inside COOL and protect the valuable electronics on the dash. Ceramic window tint is a non-conductive product that will not interfere with signals from electronics while providing IR (infrared) heat rejection that your regular (metallic/conductive) window tint won’t. For the ultimate heat rejection and temperature control, we applied ceramic tint to all windows: the front side windows received 20% while the front windshield received clear ceramic film along with the moonroof, rear glass, and the quarter glass.

A common question is, “Why apply film to factory tinted glass?” If you want IR heat rejection and true temperature control a ceramic film must be applied as factory tinted glass does not offer any IR heat rejection.

Tesla Interior Customization

In addition, the customer wanted to add a custom RED flair to his interior by adding black diamond stitching, red leather seats, and custom black diamond stitching, red leather door cards. We also complemented the interior leather by changing the puddle lights and door lights with custom red Tesla lights. While the vehicle was in the shop we installed Rally Armor Mud Flaps, RPM Tesla Caliper Covers, and Tesla Center Caps.

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Tesla Model Y Protection