Feynlab Ceramic Coatings

Starting at $299

Feynlab Ceramic Coatings


Ceramic Coatings

Feynlab coatings are the best ceramic coating in the market. We proudly lead the industry in our coating options and application. Austin Auto Finishes was the first to provide this service to our customers in the Austin Texas Surrounding Area.

Over the life of the installed product, a car coated in FEYNLAB® SELF HEAL PLUS or HEAL LITE will show significantly fewer swirls and marring than any other professional ceramic coating on the market, thanks to the self-healing properties of the coating.

FEYNLAB’s true nanotechnology and bonding chemistry allow for an unparalleled level of protection because the formula penetrates further into existing paint structure than anything else on the market.

Austin Auto Finishes is your best choice for FEYNLAB COATINGS installations. We strive to offer the best service and product in Austin Tx – Contact us Today to schedule your free consultation or see us at our North Austin FEYNLAB Coating Facility!

Why Choose Feynlab Coatings?

Self Healing

Self healing protects against scratches and swirl marks.


Adds a brilliant high-gloss finish.


Chemical and UV protection.


Excellent water repellant. Easy to clean.
Feynlab Ceramic Coatings

Pricing & Details

Heal Lite

  • 3 Different Coatings Layered
  • Can Negate Waxing for 10 Years
  • Can Self-heal Micro-scratches and Bird-bombs with Great Success
  • Superior Slickness
  • More Depth in Paint
  • Ultra UV Resistance


What You Need to Know

What brand do you use or recommend?
Austin Auto Finishes is proud to be one of the few customization shops to offer and be certified to install Feynlab Coatings. We love Feynlab coatings for their durability, ease of maintenance, glossy appearance and cutting edge technology. From the Self Heal Plus to the 3-year Ceramic coating we have options for all budgets. Plus we can provide you with everything you need from materials to training to maintain the coating.
What are the benefit(s) of having a coating?
The main goal of any coating is to ensure you do not need to wax for the lifetime of the vehicle. This allows for our customers to protect their paint with ease while also showcasing, at all times, the beauty of their vehicle. Austin Auto Finishes’s Feynlab coatings provide long-lasting glossy paint with amazing hydrophobic capabilities and deep shine.
Can I wash my car?
Yes. You can wash your car like you normally would. In fact, Feynlab coatings make your car easier to wash with its excellent hydrphobicity.
Do all vehicles need paint correction prior to application of a coating?
Paint correction is needed for self-healing coatings such as our heal lite and heal plus options. Though it is not necessary with ceramic coating it is highly recommended.
How much does it cost?
It ranges in price between $300 – $2,400 depending on the technology you choose.
Will a ceramic coating eliminate the danger of scratches, rock chips, and swirl marks?
No, ceramic or self-healing coating will not protect your vehicle from these hard hit incidents. The main goal of any coating is ease of maintenance/appearance. Though any coating will be harder than a standard factory clear coat, it can still be damaged and should ideally be coupled with Paint Protection Film for ultimate protection.