Paint Protection

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Paint Protection


Paint Protection Film

Protection doesn’t have to compromise the aesthetics of your vehicle. Paint Protection Film, commonly referred to as clear bra, is an essential asset in keeping the condition of your vehicles painted surfaces looking its best. We take a craftsman style approach to our Paint Protection Film installations by providing you with a seamless finish that is custom tailored to your vehicle and the way you drive it.

We exclusively use PremiumShield — the best self-healing paint protection film in the world.

Why Choose PPF?



Your paint will look better longer.

Self Healing

Self healing top-coat that is scratch and crack resistant with a high-gloss finish.

Longer Life

Extend the life of your original paint.


Prevent damage from rocks, salt, insects, and other debris.

Paint Protection

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What You Need to Know

What is it?

Paint Protection Film is almost invisible. It is essentially an 8 mil thick, film that protects your vehicle’s paint from hard dings, marring and scratching. Think of it as a hard barrier between your paint and every shopping cart in the parking lot.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of paint protection film for your vehicle range from helping maintain a slick and easy to clean appearance to protection from a minor fender bender. Scratches or marring that does occur often can simply be buffed or even rubbed off thus saving time and money for cosmetic issues.

How long does it last?

Our film is warrantied for 10-years. Paint protection film that needs replacement is easy and can be done by the panel or area.

Which brand do you use or recommend?

We always recommend and use PremiumShield Paint Protection Film. This amazing film not only is top of the line it is also self-healing.

What are the different coverage options?

Austin Auto Finishes offers paint protection film in any or many areas to accommodate all customers needs. We can fully cover all paint for ultimate protection or focus on the particularly vulnerable areas such as the front bumper, hood, and fenders that bear the biggest brunt of all damage day to day.

Will PPF protect my cars paint from heavy scratches or minor collisions?

Yes, the surface paint below will have little to no damage. Again, saving our customers tons of money and time on pesky cosmetic booboos.

Does it protect against bird poop?

Yes. Chemical etchings from bird bombs or poop will not eat through paint protection film. Any etchings that are left behind will self heal as our PPF is self-healing to a point.

Will PPF change the color of my car?

There will be no change to the color of your vehicle’s paint. If anything, the vehicle’s paint will appear more glossy.

How does PPF self-heal?

Our PremiumShield paint protection film technology does self-heal, or return to its original form, after swirl marks, washing marks, or other light marring that may occur. Paint protection film cannot heal from being torn or punctured in any way.

Can PPF be removed?

Austin Auto Finishes can safely and easily remove all or just a piece of your paint protection film. Allowing easy replacement in case of accidents or issues with edges.