UP x PFC – Iron BFB Kit – 6 Front Piston Big Brake Kit for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y (BBK)

Stopping power is among the smartest investments you can make in your vehicle.  Whether your focus is reducing your lap times, having more fade-free fun at the track or on your favorite backroad, or getting your kids to school safely, improving your braking performance is pure upside.  The UP x PFC Iron BFB kit is the ultimate iron-rotor big brake kit for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.


Engineered and made in the USA – Extensively tested on the Nurburgring!

Many customers want a track-capable big brake kit that doesn’t break the bank.  This is the absolute best-of-breed no-compromise iron rotor kit.  We leverage the same proven calipers from our racing winning BFB Superlight Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit and combine it with Performance Friction (PFC) built V3 iron rotors and our PFC produced specially designed brake pad compounds.   For racers, PFC needs no introduction, but for those newer to motorsports, PFC is the official brake supplier for Porsche factory motorsports vehicles including Porsche 991 GT3 Cup race cars. PFC brakes helped power our friends at BBi to multiple Pikes Peak victories at the 2021 PPHIC where our Tesla Model S Plaid also took top honors in its class.  PFC ZeroFailures rotors are well respected for unmatched durability under the harshest racing conditions. The V3 version PFC rotors we use are the latest generation of PFC’s patented technology and impressively do not utilize traditional bolt hardware to join the 2pc rotor/hat design. This also makes them more silent and rattle free than traditional bolted 2-piece rotor designs.

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are very capable track day weapons but the considerable weight of the vehicle overtaxes the stock braking system, even with upgraded components. Our class leading carbon ceramic BFB kit has had rave reviews for years and we’re excited to bring comparable braking performance with a class leading iron rotor solution at a more affordable cost. For advanced drivers we’ve found that they all benefit greatly from our extreme size and extreme performance of our BFB kits. This benefit has at times been mentioned in quotes like from Oscar Jackson Jr “I’m picking the same braking points with the Tesla as I do when I race Spec Miatas”. In other times what this means is that there’s finally enough repeatable stopping power to confidently trim back or remove regen which provides the benefit of helping thermal management when racing. Ultimately quality matters and size matters as well. This kit has the best of both worlds with the highest quality components from the world’s best factories combined with the massive sizing of 394x35mm rotors and 6 piston calipers that any track driven Tesla truly needs to win.

This huge 394mm 6 Piston UP Iron BFB kit does indeed fit with UP’s 18″ forged race wheels and can fit some other but not all 18″ forged wheels with high inner barrel clearance (18″ Model 3 stock wheels will not fit). 19″ wheels and above will fit even more easily with less thought needed. Please contact us if any concerns about fitting your car’s wheels.

A further note on the unique PFC V3 ZeroFailure rotor technology:

Performance Friction (PFC) full floating Direct Drive attachment system allows the brake disc to naturally expand/contract both radially and axially without being constrained by the hub. This helps eliminate rotor warping, reduces drag, and eliminates thermal judder vibrations and pulsations. Due to the high quality of PFC’s design and manufacturing, the Direct Drive rotors are completely silent and rattle-free – a trait not typically found in 2-piece designs. PFC custom develops their own proprietary metallurgy for these rotors as well to ensure the longest lifespan and best performance.

Kit Includes:

  • 6-Piston monoblock aluminum big brake caliper set with all necessary hardware
  • 394mm x 35mm 15.5″ track-proven Iron Rotors PFC V3 2 piece floating rotor technology
  • Veined and scalloped rotor design to minimize weight while maximizing cooling
  • Brake pads designed specifically by PFC for UP for use with this kit
  • 6061 machined billet aluminum caliper adapter brackets and related installation hardware
  • Premium coated German TUV produced stainless steel braided brake lines engineered specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
  • Kit includes all components necessary for installation (high performance brake fluid will need to be supplied by the buyer, and can be purchased at any automotive parts retailer)
  • Made from components produced in USA, Italy, and Germany